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#DrawAJawa & #DrawAWookie Call For Submissions for #MayThe4th on TOYSREVIL

“May the 4th” AKA “Star Wars Day” will be upon us very soon, and the TOYSREVIL blog (AND on #starwarsallday) continues to celebrate the event with doodle challenges #drawajawa and #drawawookie!

Folks can either email in your submissions (to "toysreviler [at], or hashtag it on Instagram (don't forget to let me know if it's cool if I could embed your image on my blog, thanks!)

Here’s a couple lil’slideshow videos I did of submissions from over 3 years back, as a reference for folks interested to participate:)

*This is NOT a contest to win any prizes tho (unless sponsors want to partner me up? :p), but just a fun way to celebrate your love for Star Wars, or to promote yourselves and your ART on my blog :)


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