Argentina-based creator KALAKA TOYS shares with us a look at his upcoming “SHOGUN WARLORD”, and it is giving me a thrill-chill! Featuring his “MOTU-esque / barbarian”-styled aesthetics (predominant in some of his earlier releases, like MOTUEATER), the final product will standing 9-inch tall, and be in soft vinyl! (Alas the unpainted Jumbo-piece standing next to him was made for publicity instead :p), the battlefield bruiser will come with his own Sword and Shield!

Expect a debut and availability at DesignerCon circa November 2017! Talk about going BIG and taking on the (Toy) World!

Scroll down for more snaps, including a peek at the OG illustration, and stay connected to Instagram @kalaka_toys for further updates!

TOYSREVIL: I can see (on your IG) you have an amazing collection of OG Shogun Warriors! Are they the inspiration for SHOGUN WARLORD? Or just the "jumbo size"?
KALAKA TOYS: Yes, this is an inspiration from my favorite toy line and I (had) wanted to include the warlord in my collection.
TOYSREVIL: Why the "Warlord / Barbarian Warrior" aesthetics? What does the genre mean to you?
KALAKA TOYS: I was inspired in another character, WARDUKE, a barbarian. And also because I was a Viking in my past life LOL.

TOYSREVIL: The jumbo (sample) version looks awesome! Will you have any ion that size for sale also?
KALAKA TOYS: The jumbo one will be only for my collection and for publicity hahaha... Maybe only 7 will be for sale in that size, but the version that everyone can get at Dcon will be the 9inch one
TOYSREVIL: Will we ever see WHO the Shogun Warlord BATTLES with? :)
KALAKA TOYS: Yup maybe! I am thinking about it, “Shogun Warlord” is evil and mean, so he must have enemies that wants to battle. But for the moment is only this character, and the release will be at the Dcon

(Cheers for the headsup, Matias!)

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